Vision 2023

After months of consultation and analysis, the SPBA Board of Management are proud to present its vision for the future with the release of its Vision 2023 strategic plan.

With ageing facilities and limited ability for growth The SPBA Board of Management identified the need to formulate a plan that will guide us through our short to midterm future.

With the release of Vision 2023 the SPBA has committed to establishing a sustainable business model for the Association that will enable it to grow and provide not only facilities for its members but pathways to participate and develop into the best possible athletes, administrators, referees and coaches that they possibly can. It will see us establish the Association as the premier sporting association on the Peninsula with over 200,000 participants and visitors per year.

You can read the full SPBA Vision 2023 document by clicking the below link

SPBA Vision 2023


It is an ambitious plan that will take considerable cooperation between all stakeholders and sees the need for recruitment of people with the skills and experience to achieve this vision. With 5 strategic pillars being the cornerstone of the plan the SPBA is seeking interest from suitably experienced people to fill roles within the Board of Management with a view to implementing the pillars.

The SPBA is seeking expressions of interest from suitably experienced people to be responsible for the following pillars within the Strategic Plan

Manager of Core Business/Business Model (Vice President)

To oversee all Core business related matters across the club

To be the direct report for all employee related matters
To hold fortnightly Operations Meetings with staff
To draft employee contracts with bonus incentives


To ensure that Financial Management and Reporting are in place and operating.
To support the Board of Management and Administration Manager to ensure the efficient operation of the Association

To assist Administration Manager with budgets for areas of the Association and present to the Board of Management
To prepare the financial Report of the Association

Sponsorship/Marketing (Secretary)

To maximise the number of sponsors supporting the Association and to maximise revenue from the sponsorship base.
To manage to relationship between the Association and the sponsors to ensure all sponsors are serviced to a high level and are retained on a long term basis

Formulate an annual sponsorship budget and meet the target as part of the annual financial process
Seek out and maintain new relationships with sponsors to complement existing sponsorship levels.

Relationships & People Manager (General Member)

To develop and maintain key relationships required to enhance all areas of the Association and to have a diverse range of skill sets that maximise the potential to deliver its strategic plan to the Mornington Peninsula Community

To maintain communications with all stakeholders that are vital to the effective implementation of the Vision 2023 strategic Plan.
To be available to attend regular meetings and provide updates to stakeholders on progress of the strategic plan.

Engagement/Participation Co Ordinator(General Member)

To increase Participation at grassroots level
To introduce a community based culture into the Southern Peninsula Basketball Association

Create a clean database of all people in the club
Drive the club message through digital media channels
The Association to be highly active in the community and a strong community leader in the Mornington Peninsula region.

For more information on these positions, you can either head to this link or contact