Tournament Postponed

We have made the decision to reschedule this year’s official Southern Peninsula 7-Eleven Tournament to Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th February 2021.


Rescheduled Tournament Details – ELAM Ending

All rules and structures (including championship division) will be in place for this tournament. There will be one changed concept which will affect the last four minutes of the game, called ELAM Ending.

ELAM Ending ensures every game wins on a game winner, a much needed game scenario all teams need practice in but get very limited opportunity.

In short this will work as:

  1. When the time reaches 4 minutes to go in the second half, the time will be turned off.
  2. The target to win the game is the leading team’s score plus 5 points. For example if the scores are 22 – 26, five points is added to the leading score which means the first to 31 wins.
  3. This not only ensures every game ends on a game winner, but also:
    1. Encourages defence to get stops and tactful scores
    2. Forces teams to not switch off
    3. Allows for valuable late game scenarios for teams
    4. Discourages late game fouling