COVID-19 Training

The Southern Peninsula Basketball Association have initiated a number of means for all of our members to continue to train during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Weekly Training Plans

The Southern Peninsula Basketball Association are creating weekly training plans for athletes to complete in their own time at home.  It is estimated that each session plan will take 45-60 minutes to complete.

There will be training plans suitable for u10s domestic, all the way through to our Senior Representative made available.  All drills within all session plans can be modified to make them easier or more challenging.

You can find the weekly training plans below

At Home Training Blog

Shooting Tests

The Southern Peninsula Basketball Association has compiled shooting tests for all ages.  These test are designed to provide athletes with shooting that is relevant to their age level.  Results of the shooting tests can be uploaded through the below Google Form.  By uploading results, athletes can track their progress, challenge their development and establish clear goals to work towards.

These tests can be completed as often as each individual likes, as with anything, the more you work at it, the better you’ll become.

u12 Shooting

u14 Shooting

u16+ Shooting

Google form for shooting test results


HomeCourt is an iOS application (not available on Android) that provides interactive training.  Whether working on you shot, fitness or ball handling, HomeCourt has something for you.

HomeCourt will track your results, provide feedback and challenge you to continuously get better.

Click here to head to the HomeCourt website, or here to find HomeCourt on the App store.

Zoom Training Sessions

All Junior Representative teams are now participating in online training sessions through Zoom.  These sessions provide the opportunity for coach lead training.

For Domestic clubs, if you would like more information on running Zoom training sessions, please contact SPBA Director Of Coaching, Lucas Allen at